There is no damage on the contrary there are positive results good and tangible you find after
using the device in the right manner. Doctors who suffer from problems with the vertebrae using
the device are the only solution to repair the vertebral discs before surgical intervention.
The device reaches the door of the house within Riyadh one hour of demand and within 48 hours
to anywhere in Saudi Arabia other than Riyadh and to the rest of the GCC within 48 hours,
once shipping you will receive a message to your mobile with the shipping number until
you can follow where your shipment and when You receive.
Yes, six months warranty from the date of receipt of the device.
When does the increase appear and how long does it take?
During the first 15 months, the increase is repeated during the first three months and
may be delayed to the fifth month depending on the body’s nature. We recommend that you
use the device for up to 6 months, which is the scientific period, until you get the required results.

You must pay for your order as the machines come from the factory in the form of pieces

and we install them and make sure the work of the machine and then packaging and attach

the manual and then shipping through the known shipping companies to connect to the door

of your home, we pay the cost of shipping and insurance on each device and this process is

not Carry out only after payment by customer in advance.

Due to the demand of some customers to activate the payment service upon receipt;

bleeding to you this activation of this service in some areas of Saudi Arabia and

the Gulf countries in general so that the customer bears the value of shipping is only 50 Saudi riyals

in addition to the value of the device and 100 Saudi riyals at the request payment service upon receipt Outside Saudi Arabia.

You can contact the sales person to see if your area is covered by the payment service on receipt.